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medsole health in sole customized acupressure insole for sciatica
sciatica may be treated through medsole health in sole customized acupressure point therapy insole
Sciatica may be treated

Sciatica may be caused by backbone bulging disc, inflamed joint or muscle spasm

It may be treated through Medsole (Health in Sole), the customized acupressure therapy insole/kit

  • Don’t sit continuously for long time/period.
  • Don’t pick heavy Items.
  • Bending and twisting may cause tension on your affected disc.
  • Strengthen Abdominal Muscles reduce the risk of back/disc pain
  • Keep doing exercises of abdominal muscles regularly, will reduce of the probability of disc pain.
  • Focus your posture while sitting, standing & walking.
  • Regular flexibility work out will reduce muscle tension and back/disc pain

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