Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Depression, Fatigue

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A pair of customized acupressure insole name medsole for you health issues and body fitness. Alertness concentration of mind Mind presence absent mindedness Issues Focusing issues Week nervous system Tiredness Anxiety Depression Stress Tension Fatigue (chronic fatigue syndrome) Headaches and Migraines lethargicness or Lethargy Issues Sensation of tightness or tenderness around forehead scalf Eye strain, […]

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Customized Acupressure Points Insole

Medsole (Health in Sole)

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Medsole (Health in Sole): The Customized Acupressure Insole for health and fitness People undergoing foot reflexology and acupressure of feet points, experience tremendous relexation of the muscles, particularly in the back, neck, shoulders as well as a general reduction in stress levels. Our Medsole (Customized Acupressure insole) provide gentle and effective stimulation to feet, many […]

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